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Companies with robust data security systems don't have to worry about a security breach slipping by unnoticed. With the rise of enterprise-wide data security comes unparalleled detection.

On the other hand, companies with ineffective security policies that are based on data silos, can suffer from damaged reputations, fines, and disruptions in business operations.

To avoid these setbacks and maintain compliance with industry and government regulations, organizations must implement strict policies and security controls for all critical data. Today is the era of data, and data must be kept secure.

A secured lock justiposed with a file that is having information stole out of it

Companies unaware of sensitive data risks are vulnerable to non-compliance and potential data breaches.

A secured lock justiposed with a file that is having information stole out of it

Informatica Data Security Solutions

Dynamic Data Masking

  • Reduce the risk of a data breach
  • Customize your data-masking solution based on your business' requirements
  • Dynamically mask data in Hadoop
  • Support cloud-based initiatives while keeping sensitive information secure

Persistent Data Masking

  • Preserve the integrity of customer data and ensure its privacy by leveraging realistic de-identified data
  • Maintain compliance with privacy regulations
  • Lower the risk of a data breach in nonproduction environments


  • Uncover undocumented risks
  • Define high risk areas
  • Detect anomalous user activity
  • Increase security efficiency
  • Follow the effectiveness of data security measures over time

Secure@Source 6-Week Implementation

As Informatica's exclusive partner for implementing data security technology, Pacific Data Integrators has a proven methodology to maximize the benefits of Secure@Source.

Our starter package allows organizations to test the depth and breadth of Informatica's Secure@Source using their own data in their own environment.

By investing in our six-week implementation, organizations will complete the initial installation and be able to explore various features and functions of the Secure@Source tool.

As part of the Secure@Source 6-Week Implementation package, Pacific Data Integrators will:

11 steps in Pacific Data Integrators' Secure@Source Implementation

Contact us to learn more about our Secure@Source Implementation

A secured lock showing that 12 percent of security staff know the risk to their structured data

A mere 12% of security staff and IT know the risk to their structured data, according to a Phenemon Report.

Secure@Source Managed Services

With our Managed Services, Pacific Data Integrators will not only install Secure@Source on the cloud, we will also manage the product for a minimum of one year after implementation.

Our Secure@Source management includes:

  • Adding new users
  • Emergency escalation
  • Monitoring data store jobs
  • Handling job failures & bug fixes
  • Help desk during normal business hours
  • User behavioral analytics - including reports and alerts
  • Timely upgrades along with any ad-hoc maintenance activities
  • Handling environment failure, connectivity issues, and admin support activities

Forget the hassle of installing, managing, and upgrading your own data security solution. Let our Informatica-certified experts implement and manage Secure@Source for you on the cloud.


Let Pacific Data Integrators implement and manage Secure@Source for you. Contact us for details or questions.

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