Pacific Data Integrators' Founder, Shibram Banerjee

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Pacific Data Integrators' Founder, Shibram Banerjee

Shibram Banerjee is the CEO and founder of Pacific Data Integrators (PDI). He manages corporate direction and strategy at Pacific Data Integrators, facilitating company activity in consulting, sales, marketing, and alliances. Prior to founding Pacific Data Integrators, Shibram worked in consulting and technology leadership roles at various companies including GE, Informatica, and PG&E. He has over two decades of experience in delivering data integration and analytic programs.

Shibram is an active angel investor in a technology-based hedge fund in the US and is a partner and advisor to an energy management consulting firm. He is a founding member of an educational charitable trust that provides technical training as well as the latest software to interested STEM students. Shibram also spends time mentoring students who do not have a computer science background and helps them transition to the world of Analytics and Data Engineering.

Shibram Banerjee graduated from Mumbai University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering.


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