graph showing cloud services will double by 2019

Global spending on cloud services is predicted to double in four years time, according to the International Data Corporation.

The Future is Cloud

The adoption of cloud technologies is becoming a standard business practice. Cloud started as a revolutionary idea, and it has spread like wildfire since its creation. This growth will remain strong as companies across the globe discover the tremendous value that comes with cloud capabilities.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the cornerstone of the cloud. These software-based business tools are available immediately via the web. There are SaaS applications for sales, marketing, human resources, and more.

  • Most SaaS licenses are purchased with a subscription, giving you the freedom and flexibility to upgrade or cancel services whenever you want.
  • Eliminate the hassle of on-premise installations. Once purchased, your company can start on projects without delay.
  • Avoid the cost of upgrades and hiring additional IT staff for technical support. Allow your SaaS vendor to handle these responsibilities, so your company can get back to what it does best.

Optimize Your Cloud Data

The rise of SaaS has created a plethora of cloud options that companies can use to supplement their business practices. Workday offers more efficient finance and HR processes. Salesforce enables its users to streamline sales. Marketo and Eloqua offer automated marketing tools.

While powerful, these SaaS applications cannot function in a vacuum. Before you can take advantage of all the cloud has to offer, you must connect these tools to your other sources of data.

It is vital this integration is completed effectively. Without it, your company may fail to benefit from the tremendous value of SaaS.

a cloud integrating information from different data souces

SaaS applications only reach their optimal potential when
they are seamlessly integrated with all data streams.

Our Cloud Services

As SaaS data flows become more complex, data accessibility and visibility can suffer. That is why we work closely with clients to create a cloud, on-premise, or hybrid architecture that is tailor fit to each clients' needs and capable of maintaining quality data. We build cloud solutions encompassing a variety of products, including AWS and Informatica Cloud.

A robust and streamlined architecture will protect the quality of your data. Allow us to work with you to create a system architecture that fits your immediate needs and will continue to support your business as you grow.


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