Company Profile

The largest gas and electric utility on the West Coast, serving customers for over 100 years. Over 20,000 employees provide electricity and natural gas to over 15 million people.

Project Purpose - CC&B 2.4 Upgrade

Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) handles every aspect of the customer lifecycle, including meter reading, billing, and payment processing. It leverages data to provide a 360-degree customer view, and boosts productivity by facilitating access to frequently used customer information.

Project Goals

Replace the out-of-date version of CC&B with an updated version that contains better capabilities and is compatible with new patches.

Increase the ability to capture customer contact information.

Boost the quality of customer data and support a 360-degree customer view by eliminating the source of data duplications.

Business Challenges

An inability to accurately capture customer contact information.

Duplications in customer data lead to a fragmented customer view and prevent the company from providing high-quality customer service.

High maintenance costs incur due to a cluttered environment created by the carry over of legacy systems.

Large numbers of integration errors result in low quality data.

Billing errors and customer complaints are caused by a lack of bill validation.

Project Results

Streamlined data and increased efficiency by removing obsolete data points.

Improved the 360-degree customer view by boosting the company's ability to capture customer contact information.

Decluttered the environment by removing unused interfaces and legacy systems.

Increased operational performance, integration capabilities, and data quality.

Improved contact center productivity and customer responsiveness by enhancing the user interface and giving portal users the ability to provide additional feedback and descriptions when submitting a service request.

Reduced billing errors via a new bill validation feature.

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