Pacific Data Integrators and Informatica Present Grid Health 360

Pacific Data Integrators, a service consulting provider for big data, cloud, data integration, data quality and data security solutions, and Informatica, the Enterprise Cloud Data Management leader, have released the beta version of Grid Health 360.

Grid Health 360 is a utility solution that combines the accuracy of LiDAR data with the "golden record" created by Informatica Master Data Management in order to give utilities an unparralleled view into the state of their assets.

Laser measurement technology (LiDAR) has the potential to improve the classification of high-risk vegetation. LiDAR technology gives a precise measurement of the proximity of vegetation to transmission lines, which can be used to prevent tree arching and wild fires, among other applications.

When overlaid with transmission line mapping, a precise assessment of tree canopy proximity to transmission lines can be interpolated. 3D satellite imagery can be used to provide context and verify the need for maintenance crews to be dispatched.

Grid Health 360 takes LiDAR data a step further by using Informatica Master Data Management (MDM) to join LiDAR data with accurate asset information. Managing siloed data assets spread across different systems is challenging.

Common asset data roadblocks include:

- Legacy enterprise systems were developed without holistic methodologies

- Conflicting meter/transformer usage data

- Estimation and Editing (VEE) of metering values related challenges

- Imprecise asset information related to vegetation encroachment

The Benefits of Accurate Asset Data

- Resolution of missing pulses

- Prioritize vegetation management based on LiDAR assessment and calculated risk

- Identify the need for supplier involvement or technician training

- Identify unregistered solar panels or batteries

- Improve load planning

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