Data Security, Cloud Migration and Next-Gen Analytics

by David Lyle |  9 |  Predict , Data

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After spending 17 years at Informatica and the four years prior at a startup that became Informatica's first acquisition, I could not be more psyched to join Pacific Data Integrators (PDI). The energy of this fast-growing company has refreshed me and refueled my career.

Thankfully, my next phase builds upon my last: helping organizations sort out the people, processes, and technology issues that can paralyze teams and prevent forward progress on complex business transformations.

The pace of change continues to progress faster than our ability to plan, augment our skills, and adapt. People, processes, and technology issues are becoming more and more convoluted. Can we jump ahead of these changes and leverage past knowledge to predict future shifts in our industry? 

For instance, there was no reason we shouldn't have been able to predict the advent of the cloud, given histories with ASP's and outsourcing. Other changes, such as big data, may have been more difficult to predict if you did not ask the right questions. For example, how can AI help us? I look forward to writing about these topics and more during my time at PDI.

I will dive into helping companies move beyond 'simple' GDPR compliance toward more secure, trusted, and governed data company-wide. I will help companies adopt a 'cloud-first' approach that goes beyond cost savings to achieve closer relationships with customers. I will also assist companies with next-generation analytics planning and sorting out the plethora of new tools and approaches to adopting next-generation analytics, in order to allow companies to efficiently and appropriately choose the path that best fits their skills and desired outcomes.

I'm excited to see what the future will bring!

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