Migration of PowerCenter to Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) Migration: A Comprehensive POV from an implementation perspective

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Migration of PowerCenter to Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) Migration: A Comprehensive POV from an implementation perspective image..


For the past few decades, Informatica PowerCenter has been a powerful tool to help organizations quickly and easily access, manage, and analyze data from disparate systems along with its scalability allowing users to easily create and manage multiple data integration jobs. However, In recent years, Informatica has been making significant investments in cloud technology. As a result, Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) has emerged as the leading cloud-based data management platform. The only platform that offers microservice-based architecture for your cloud Data Management  (Data Catalog / Data Integration / Data Quality/ MDM/ Governance) in a single unified interface.

Migrating from PowerCenter to Informatica IDMC can provide significant benefits for your organization, including improved scalability, performance, cost savings, security, and access to the latest innovation. If you are currently using Informatica PowerCenter and considering migrating your Data Warehouse to the cloud offering, this blog will guide you through the process and help you understand the benefits of moving your ETL footprints to a cloud-agnostic platform (AWS/Azure/Snowflake/GCP) retaining the original vendor agnostic ETL capability that you have benefited over the decades. Furthermore, if you are intrigued about how you are going to benefit from the plethora of data management options that the new cloud Hyperscaler provides like snowflake, AWS, Azure and Google, etc this blog will be helpful for you.  

Why your organization should consider migrating from PowerCenter to Informatica IDMC

IDMC offers several advantages. First, IDMC is a cloud-based solution, so organizations don’t need to purchase and maintain servers or other hardware. This makes it faster and easier to deploy and manage Data Management projects. IDMC also provides a streamlined user interface that makes it easier to create and manage integration workflows. Furthermore, IDMC’s advanced security, Data Quality, MDM, Data Cataloging, and Data Governance features enable organizations to ensure their data remains secure and can deploy quickly various data governance outcomes, and compliance with regulations.

Informatica has invested heavily and has created a migration factory, using which they have successfully migrated hundreds of fortune 500 companies into the modern scalable architecture.


  • The IDMC platform offers scalability and elasticity that facilitate the scaling of your data integration solutions.
  • IDMC provides fast and efficient data integration capabilities, so you can handle huge amounts of information quickly and easily.
  • Moving to the Informatica cloud can result in significant cost savings compared to on-premises solutions. You will gain zero migration cost, zero upgrade cost, and no administrator efforts.
  • IDMC Innovative IPU Licencing model advantages – With the IPU model your organization can scale as needed as well as leverage functionality as needed due to its innovative licensing model –  The IPU model offers more value and benefits by granting access to a wider range of services.
  • Data security is ensured by IDMC's encryption and role-based access control features.
  • With IDMC's cloud-based platform, you'll always have access to the latest data integration capabilities through continuous innovation and upgrades.


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