Big Data Management: A Three-Piece Puzzle

by Morgan Krueger |  8 |  big data

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Today's corporations are faced with more data than ever before. Big data is massive, unwieldy, and potentially hard to wrap your mind around. Yet it is the topic of so much conversation because it offers an array of dazzling knowledge and insights. This tantalizing knowledge could be yours…if only you could get past the Big Data Monster, who sprouts three more heads once you’ve vanquished one.

Okay, But What Can Big Data Actually Do? > >

When not managed properly, big data truly can spawn three problems for every challenge you think you’ve solved. Static data management may have worked in the past, but in this day and age companies require an innovative, flexible, and scalable solution that can keep up with the constant metamorphosis of big data. 

Lucky for you, big data can be broken down into three, bite-sized pieces. Maintain these three pillars, and your company will be on its way to valuable and dependable big data.

The first pillar of effective big data management is data integration, when data is ingested and processed. This is also when most big data management (BDM) projects get bogged down. 

To become fully optimized, your data integration must be agile. It must have the capability to cleanse next-generation data. Ideally, your data integration should also be scalable and automated to keep up with your company as it grows. And it must—it must—have repeatable processes. 

That’s a lot of requirements, and it’s only the first step. 

Next up is data quality. Your data is connected, but have you verified that it is correct? Strong data quality can create a 360-degree view of customers, products, and suppliers. And, most importantly, when you have high data quality you will have confidence in your data. Consider your Big Data Monster on the run!

The third pillar of big data is security. This aspect of BDM should provide 360-degree coverage, with all your sensitive data identified, classified and protected. Risk analysis, encryption, and secure policy management are additional aspects of strong, effective data security. Your company’s information is its greatest asset, so make sure your information is secure before it’s too late.

It is only with Big Data Integration, Big Data Quality, and Big Data Security working together that you can slay the Big Data Monster and get to the treasure it’s been hiding. Increased ROI and more assured business decisions are only some of the benefits that can be derived from big data when it is properly managed.

But remember to be careful—all three pillars are essential to keeping your big data in a leverageable format. Let one slip, and the Big Data Monster might rear his ugly head again. 

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